Eye Brow Shaping NYC

Did you know that your eyebrows are one of the few features on your face that can be changed without the use of cosmetic surgery? Just because beauty is in the eye of the beholder does not mean you can't do a few things to enhance your image and become as beautiful as you want to be. In fact, while eyebrows are commonly forgotten about have you ever wonder how celebs such as Angelina Jolie always have such an amazing look. The secret lies in their carefully crafted eyebrows. One of the secrets to eyebrow shaping is knowing exactly where to place the arch. This is why it's generally best to let a professional style your eyebrows as home care can often go rouge. One common mistake is over-tweezing. If you go to high, to thing, or to round you could end up with a permanent awkard look until you get it fixed by a professional. Another mistake beginners commonly make is by creating a fish-hook like shape, this is where the thicker part of the eye brow suddenly things out. People whom have blonde eyebrows should be particularly careful because, it is much easier to make a simple mistake that causes your eyebrows to almost vanish which, will obviously look strange.

However, with the right shape you can bring our your eyes, cheekbones, and perhaps even take a few years off your appearance!

Is eye brow shaping painful?

Depending on the process you go about using it can be but, there are a variety of ways to shape your eye brows perfectly! Some methods of eye brow shaping include:

  • Shaving
  • Waxing
  • Plucking
  • Threading
  • Laser hair removal
  • Electrolysis

Eye Brow Shaping Basics

Having well groomed eyebrows can change your entire look. In fact, by simply shaping your eyebrows you may actually effect age you appear to be to others. Depending on your budget and desired out come will effect the approach you should take. For example, if your looking for semi-permenant hair removal you should consider laser hair removal. If you would like your eyebrows to permenantly remain a certain way than electrolysis is your best bet but, on the other hand if your looking for a temporary solution you may prefer a technique such as eyebrow threading.

Why is eyebrow shaping important?

Shaping your eyebrows is important because, everyone has a unique face and a unique pair of eyebrows. By shaping your eyebrows you can create a distinctiv style that is unique to you and that will also perfectly accentuate your face! Unlike clothing which often follows particular trends your eyebrows say something about who you are as an individual and can be a creative way to express your identity. This is why when getting your eyebrows shaped you need to consider the person who will be doing them. Make sure they have a deep understanding of who you are a person and the desired effect your going for.

Should men shape their eyebrows?

The answer really depends on the issue at hand. Many men choose to shape their eyebrows because of a unibrow or if their eyebrows are a bit to bushy looking. In fact, some famous celebrities regular shape their eye brows!

Should I shape my eyebrows before my wedding?

Given the importance of your wedding day and the volume of pictures that are likely to be taken it is certainly a great idea to do everything in your power to look your best and eyebrow shaping can be an essential key to looking beautiful on your wedding day.